Southernesque - Set 1


      Discover the laid-back world of America's Deep South - images of rustic country homes, shaded pathways leading by mirror-smooth lakes, green and steaming swamps filled with towering cypress trees, a turtle or two, bright pink flamingos in a south Louisiana zoo, a log cabin hunting camp, a small waterfall trickling from a rockfall in a bucolic formal garden and even an icon from by-gone days.

     Each card set includes envelopes, and are packed in boxes of ten cards each. These are 5"x7" cards, horizontal or vertical format, with envelopes. They're all-occasion - blank inside. Printed inside messages adds $2.00 to order of ten and $4.00 to order of twenty. When you get to the shopping cart page, you'll see a customer note form. Enter your printed message there.

     Standard configuration is: set of five images, two each, ten cards total.