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Beaches and Boats - Set 1


      Travel throughout the Gulf of Mexico and you'll encounter beaches a-plenty and boats - lots of boats - sailboats, power boats, fishing trawlers, shrimp boats, and old, discarded boats. You'll be greeted by glorious sunsets, palm-thatched getaways and even a ghost of a by-gone day. 

     Each card set includes envelopes, and are packed in boxes of ten cards each. There are two sub-sets - landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) Specify which sub-set you desire.

      These are 5"x7" cards, horizontal or vertical format, with envelopes. They're all-occasion - blank inside. Printed inside messages adds $2.00 to order of ten. When you get to the shopping cart page, you'll see a note form. Enter your printed message there.

     Standard configuration is: set of five images, two each, ten cards total.


Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Beaches and Boats - Set 1.