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      What you'll find here is a collection of interesting little odds and ends. This page will most likely change from time to time, as we add new stuff and take out old stuff. So come back here from time to time and see wassup, y'know?

Just Released! 2018 Caribbean Daydreams Wall Calendar!!

    The 2018 Caribbean Daydreams Wall Calendar is here! It's a colorful and as fun as the Caribbean Daydreams Daybook. Like the 2018 Southernesque Wall Calendar,  the wall calendar features signature images for each month, images you won't find anywhere else, plus a calendar page with boxes large enough to make daily notations, a dedicated "Notes" section on the right side of each page, and on every calendar page, you'll find a brief blurb describing that month's signature image.


 To order the 2018 Caribbean Daydreams Wall Calendar, just click on over to my online calendar shop, MagCloud. And don't forget - the 2018 Southernesque Wall Calendar is still available!


     To order the 2018 Southernesque Wall Calendar, just click on over to my online calendar shop, MagCloud.



     Of course, you are aware of our collection of custom note cards - What's that? You DIDN'T know about are note card sets? - well, futz! when you're finished reading this bit, scroll on down the page and have a look. But I digress! What I wanted to tell you about is our brand new custom Christmas cards! These are intriguing cards, and unique, to boot. Y'won't find'em anywhere else. There are eight cards in all - four in landscape (horizontal) format and four in portrait (vertical) format. They're 5x7, and they come in boxes of eight, with envelopes. And HERE'S special part. Our standard note cards are blank on the inside. i'll print a custom message inside for $2.00 extra per order of 10 cards, BUT I'm giving you a bit of an early Christmas gift, by printing custom inside messages on the Christmas cards for NO EXTRA CHARGE.

     There are eight cards to choose from. Get a set of eight of one card, or two and two, or mix and match as you wish. Want a card featuring your family's picture? We can do that, too. Just place an order and email us a good clean high resolution image, and we'll take it from there. These JaiGieEse PhotoArt Custom Christmas cards are available now. To order, click on Collections  in the page-top tool bar, slide down the list and choose Note Cards. You'll find our selection of Christmas cards on that page. 


      JaiGieEse Photoart has released the newest addition to our collecton of daybooks and calendars. The newest release is our Caribbean Daydreams Daybook 2018This attractive daybook is a truly unique way to keep up with your day-to-day business. The Caribbean Daydreams Daybook 2018  features signature images for each month, images you won't find anywhere else, plus a calendar page for making daily notations, a dedicated "Notes" section at the bottom of each page, and on every calendar page, you'll find a brief blurb describing that month's signature image.

    And, of course, our Southernesque Daybook 2018 is very much still available. To order eiteither daybook, go Here.

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     Oh, and do NOT forget our note card sets. These are 5"x7" cards, horizontal or vertical format, with envelopes. They're all-occasion - blank inside. Printed inside messages add $2.00 to order of ten cards. When you get to the checkout page, you'll see a button which will open a note form. Enter your printed message there.

     Standard configurations are: set of five images, two each, ten cards total. Each card set includes a sub-set of five images in landscape (horizontal) format or five images in portrait (vertical) format.

     Cost is $25 for ten cards, w/envelopes. If you do a bit of research, you'll find that this a very good price for a set of truly unique note cards.

     We've put together four sets - Great Smoky Mountains, Caribbean Daydreams, Southernesque and Of Nature. AND, we also offer Custom Sets. If you're wanting somerthing even more unique, browse our portfolio and pick your own images. Put'em together in the standard configurations, OR make up your own configuration - 10 or 20 cards, each with its own image. Or  5 and 5 or 10 and 10. Or ten or twenty cards, all with the same image. Whatever. Use your imagination. The cost for Custom Sets is the same as for Standard Sets.

     Havalook, if you will, and should you see something that tickles your fancy, see our "Note Card" collection page to place your order.


Great Smoky Mountains - Set 1

       Nestled within the soaring reach of the Great Smoky Mountains are many scenes of stunning and breathtaking beauty. One will find majestic waterfalls, rustic pioneer cabins, sprawling and misty valleys, Civil War battlefields, rough-hewn mountain-side paths, incredible tunnels bored through solid rock, old nineteenth-century grist mills and remnants of once-upon-a-time farm lanes winding through sun-dappled forests. These are but of a few of the treasures to be found in the Great Smoky Mountains.


Caribbean Daydreams - Set 1

     Take yourself on a lazy journey aboard a cruise liner and discover the pleasures of a care-free world of color and enjoyment. Dig your bare feet into the warm sands of a beach on a tropical isle. Stroll down a street lined with festively-colored shops, each brimming with exotic goods. Relax under an umbrella fashioned from palm fronds near a sea-side cabana. Stretch out on a chaise lounge alongside a top-deck ship's pool. Savor the moment as a sunset turns the sea to stunning, sparkling gold. Enjoy a lingering excursion on a slow boat down a tropical river, winding through a dense rain forest. All these are the stuff of Caribbean Daydreams ....


Southernesque - Set 1

      Discover the laid-back world of America's Deep South - images of rustic country homes, shaded pathways leading by mirror-smooth lakes, green and steaming swamps filled with towering cypress trees, a turtle or two, bright pink flamingos in a south Louisiana zoo, a log cabin hunting camp, a small waterfall trickling from a rockfall in a bucolic formal garden and an even an icon from by-gone days.


Of Nature - Set 1

     All things nature - green, growing things, and one item that lives no more. Here are to be found flowers and trees, an inviting beach on a Caribbean isle and a tumble of boulders festooned with vivid green moss, a tropical river and a mountain stream, and a sunrise as seen through a pasture-side glade in the deep south.



Custom Sets

     Now, you've seen the standard card sets we're offering - there will be others, later on - but if you have an itch to build a set of your own making  - go right ahead. Browse our portfolio and pick out your own images. Keep in mind the basic package set-ups - five landscape images, two each for a set of ten cards, w/envelopes. Same set-up for portrait images.

     Now, you can stick with those basic packages, substituting your own choice of images. OR, you can pick one image and order ten, all with that one image. Pick two images and order a set of five and five or a set of ten and ten. Or build a set of ten of one image and five each of two others. Or ten images, two each, for twenty cards. Use your imagination. Build a mixed set of landscape and portrait cards. Go for it. Oh, and don't forget. Custom cards come in sets of ten and twenty, w/envelopes, same price as standard sets.

     When you're ready to order, go to our collections page, click on. "Note Cards," select the set you want, choose your format (landscape or portrait), with or without printed message, and quantity, and then proceed to the checkout page. Access the button - the same button for adding messages to be printed -  which will open a note form. Add there your image choices and set configurations.

     As we said earlier, we'll be adding new card sets from time to time, and if there's demand enough, we'll add note cards in other sizes. And, y'know, should we come up with other new specialty product ideas, you find those right here. Y'might consider subscribing to our newsletter - see the sign up form at the bottom of each page. That way, you be among the first to know of new product offerings.

     To order, click on "Collections" in the page-top tool bar, select "Note Cards" from the drop-down list and choose your set.