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Restoration Pricing and Submission Guidelines

– Pricing –

        The cost of image restoration will vary according to the amount of work necessary to complete the restoration. A basic schedule of costs is listed below. To receive an exact quote, provide us with the original or with a scan of same. You can submit such a scan via our contact page.

  • Basic Restoration - $45 - clean-up of minor dust, scratches, tears and creases, brightening and clarifying of the image.
  • Extensive Restoration - $75 - clean-up of heavy dust, blotches, large folds and tears, re-creation of missing portions and color correction.
  • Colorizing of greyscale images - +$30.
  • Combining portions of separate images - +$20.

        Restoration prices include the restoration, plus one print, same size as the original and a CD containing your restored image.

        Additional prints may also be purchased, as follows:

  • 5x7 - $10.00
  • 8x10 - $12.00
  • 11x14 - $14.00
  • 16x20 - $18.00

        Custom sizes and combinations of differing sizes are available on request. All our prints are created using premium media from Red River Papers. See our FAQ page for information on available paper types.


– Submission Guidelines –

        Your first step will be to get in touch with us via our Contact page. At that time, let us know something about the scope of the needed restoration (low-resolution scans may be attached to speed the process.) Once we're arrived at what you need and have determined the cost of your request, we'll advise you of same. Once you've approved the project and the work is completed, we'll generate an invoice which can be used to pay for your order.

        There are two ways to submit your original to JaiGieEse PhotoArt. The preferred way is to ship us your original. Once you've carefully packed the original, provide us with a package weight and we'll send you a link to a downloadable shipping label. The cost of this shipping is included with your order. The cost of the return shipping of the original, the finished restoration, CD, first print and additional prints (if any) will be added to your order price, at USPS rates, to include your choice of First Class Package, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

        Note here that we can scan from photo negatives - color or B&W - or slides, as well as prints. In many cases, the negative or slide may well be in better shape than is the print created from it.

        The second method, which may also be the fastest and least expensive method, is for you to create a high-resolution scan of the original. If you decide on submission method #2, Please create your scan to the following specifications:

  • Check your prints for any dirt, dust or other loose particles - Gently clean these from the photo or print surface with a soft clean cloth or canned air.  Be sure to use a lint free cloth and not a paper tissue.
  • Clean the Scanner Glass - Check the scanner glass for dirt, smudges, oil and fingerprints. 
  • Set your scan mode - Select color 24bit RGB (even if the print is black and white).
  • Set your scan resolutionScan your photos at a minimum of 600 dpi. if you are planning to print your photo at larger sizes, then scan at 1200 dpi.
  • Please Avoid In-scanner CorrectionsYour scanner may offer many auto repair features like color correction or sharpening. Please turn off all of these options.
  • Save your scanTIFF format, at 100% quality, Save your image without compression. DO NOT select options to optimize the photo. Optimizing a photo will result in amaller file size, but this is done by throwing away some pixel information, which can lead to a lesser quality image.
  • Save the image in 16 or 24 bit RGB - Use this mode even if the original is a black and white photo. Some tinting and/or colorizing may have been incorporated into the original image by its creator and this information is needed for a proper restoration.
        If you do not have a scanner, there are places which will create a scanned image for you. FedEx and UPS Stores provide this service, as do many office supply outlets. Just be certain to inform them of the needed scanning specifications.
        Your completed scan may be submitted via our contact page, as can any preliminary scans you may choose to use in order to obtain a quote.