Restoration Pricing ....

      Pricing for restoration wiill vary, based upon the level of work required. You'll need to provide us with a low-resolution scan of your original in order for us to arrive at an accurate quote.

      However, we'll outline a basic schedule of pricing here, which will give you an idea of what to expect.

      • BASIC RESTORATION - $75 - Removal of spots, small
            creases, blemished, adjusting contrast and clarity.
      • EXTENSIVE WORK - $125 - Replacement of missing
            portions of the image, serious creases and tears,
            heavy stains and discoloration.
            & BACKGROUNDS  - +$30  

Submission Guidelines ....

      We never alter your originals. We begin with a high-resolution scan which produces a high-quality and easily repaired digital file.

      There are two ways to arrive at such a scan. Your first option is to send us your original, which we'll scan and return with your order. The second option is to scan your original yourself - or have it scanned - following the guidelines listed below.

The First Option ....

      You'll begin by carefully packaging your original image. Place the image between two sheets of acid-free paper and then place that stack between two sheets of cardboard or other heavy stock.

      Place this assembly into a sturdy mailing carton, taking care to pad it with bubble-wrap or other packing materials.

     Send us the dimensions and weight of the package, and we'll email you a pre-paid USPS shipping label.

      Affix that label to your package and get it into the mail. We'll notify you via email when we've received the package.

The Second Option ....

     If you've a good scanner, or can get access to one, you may choose to scan your original yourself.

      Many businesses offer scanning services, including Office Depot, The FedEx Store and The UPS Store. You'll need to inform the technicians there of the scanning specifications listed below.

      Please note that the scanners included in cheaper all-in-one devices may not yield a satisfactory scan.

      As an alternative to scanning, you may choose to photograph your original with a digital camera - at the camera's highest resolution - minimum 12 megapixels.  Secure the original in good light - daylight works quite well - and use of a tripod is recommended. Be certain your focus is spot-on.

      You can also use these methods to create a low-resolution scan to submit to us for a quote for service costs.

Scanning Specifications ....

     Begin by carefully cleaning your original. Hold the photo by the edges, or better yet, wear cotton cloves while handling the photo. Use a soft brush or cloth to clean dust and debris from the image surface. Be certain that the scanning plate of your scanner is also clean of smudges, dust or fingerprints.

      Set resolution to a minimum of 300 DPI for a restored print of the same size as the original. For larger restored prints - 600 DPI or higher. If you're scanning slides or negatives - 2400 DPI

      Scan at 24 bit RGB, even if your original is Black & White. 24 bit files have three times the color depth of an 8 bit grayscale file, meaning much more of the image's subtle tones are captured.

      Do NOT use any of the scanner's automatic filters - sharpening, color correction, scratch and dust removal, etc. Use of these features may result in data loss.

Save and Submit ....

    Save your digital file in either TIFF, JPEG or Photoshop format, using a distinctive name for each image - NOT the "DSC0000" format with which most cameras save image files. For best results, submit in either TIFF or Photoshop formats.

      Submit your digital image to us by means of our CONTACT page. You'll find a heading near the bottom of the Contact form, labeled, "Upload a File ...."

      Just below that is a button labeled, "Choose File." Click on this button and locate your file on your computer or other device, then, after being sure to fully fill out the form, click "Submit" and your file will be on its way to us.

Last Words ....

      Upon completion of the work, we'll send a digital proof for your approval. Once you're satisfied, we'll make a high-quality print - in your choice of size - and if you wish - we’ll create additional prints, in your choice of sizes, on premium media from Red River Papers. See our FAQ page for information on our selection of paper types.

Print costs are as follows:
      • 5x7 - $20
      • 8x10  - $35
      • 11x14 - $55
      • 16x20 - $75

      Lastly, keep in mind that we can repair or restore many things, but we are limited in what we can do with focus. Some sharpening may be achieved, but there are limits.