You've got'em. I've got'em. We all do.

       I'm talking about those odds and ends, bits and pieces, those little items which tend to clutter your life. They're in the way and you want'em GONE!  Me, too. I've a batch of that sort of stuff, and I've gathered it up here to see whether you might need or want it more than I do.

      Let me point out a thing or two, The items on this page are the only things in my shop that I did not personally create. Call it a digital garage sale, if you will.

      Also, unlike most of my offerings, these items do NOT ship free - cheap, but not free.

      Look around a bit and you'll find several DVD collections. The DVDs all used and in good condition, unless otherwise marked. If you see a little "*" next to a DVD name, then it's new and factory sealed.

      There are just one - one - of each collection or item - unless otherwise marked. Once they sell, they are GONE. On the other hand, I'll be adding new stuff from time to time, so y'oughta check in here every so often - and, of course, you oughta explore the shop when you do. You never know what you might find ....

The Old West & The Duke

     Here we have a set of sagebrush sagas, together with a few of John Wayne's classic films.

The Alamo (2004)
Blazing Saddles
How The West Was Won
The Last of the Mohicans
Open Range
The Outlaw Josey Wales
The Quick and The Dead
Quigley Down Under*
Young Guns

The Fighting Kentuckian
Island in the Sky
Wake of the Red Witch
John Wayne Screen Legend Collection
   - Reap the Wild Wind
   - The Spoilers
   - The War Wagon
   - Hellfighters
   - Rooster Cogburn

* = New, factory sealed

18 movies on 14 DVDs - $20.00

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Creature Features & Space Operas

      Cue the eerie music. Launch the special effects. Here are the tales of things that go bump in the night.
(All but three of these are former rental discs -
but they're still in great shape.
Retail discs are marked.)

Clash of the Titans
The Core
The Day After Tomorrow
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) [Retail]
Ghost Rider - Two-disc Extended Cut
King Kong (2005) [Retail] - Two-disc Special Edition
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Matrix Reloaded
Predator (1987) [Retail] - Two-disc Collector's Edition
Laura Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life
The Wolfman (2010) - Unrated Director's Cut
X-2: X-Men United - Two-disc Full Screen Edition

14 Movies on 18 DVDs - $16.00

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DALE Commemorative Box Set

      The story of legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt - Special Edition collector's box set, narrated by Paul Newman.

   - Disc 1: DALE - The Movie;
   - Disc 2: Bonus Features, including: alternate openings, bloopers, deleted scenes, historical Interviews, additional interviews and much more;
   - Disc 3: 2000 Winston Cup Race, with Richard Childress commentary. See the historic race with newly recorded commentary from Dale's closest friend and team owner, Richard Childress;
   - Disc 4: Dale-Tona - Dale Earnhardt's greatest moments from the Daytona 500 races of 1986, 1990, 1997 and 1998;
   - Disc 5: Photo Gallery - over 500 photos, hand-chosen for this limited edition collection, that take you through Dale's career and behind the scenes of his personal life. Also, a special featurette, "The making of DALE," hosted by Steve Byrnes.
   - Disc 6: Exclusive 2-way audio from the 1998 Daytona 500 - Ride along with Dale and hear everything he heard as he communicates with the Richard Childress Racing Team.

Commemorative Edition DALE Box Set - $7.00

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Drama, Action, Mystery & So On

Big batch of fast-moving - or slow,
dramatic - or mysterious, historical stuff -
and modern, too, with a little war thrown in.

Blood Work
The Deep
Die Another Day
Four Feathers
Gangs of New York
Go Tell the Spartans
The Hunt for Red October
Ladder 49
The Last Samurai
The Lincoln Lawyer
The Patriot

Red Dragon
Robin Hood (2010)
Runaway Jury
Sahara  (2005)
Shelter Island
The Sum of All Fears

20 movies - $22.00

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A Little of This, A Little of That

Here's a grab bag of Odds and Ends. Got some WWII documentaries, episodes from a classic TV Show and even a soundtrack, Dive in!!

1. World War II Documentaries
   - WWII Battlefront: Five DVDs of episodes from the TV series, plus bonus extras and a deluxe booklet, all contained in a metal collector's box.
   - D-Day Remembered: Two discs of D-Day Documentaries.
   - Great Battles and Secrets of World War II: Eight DVDs to tell the story of the war from Pearl Harbor to VJ Day.

Three Collections, 13 Discs - $10.00

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2. Victory at Sea
   - The 26 episode Emmy & Peabody Award TV Series

Two sets - $4.00 each

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3. Soundtrack from the Ken Burns "The War." mini-series.

Deluxe Edition Box Set - $.6.00

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4. Just for Laughs
   - Beverly Hills Chihuahua
   - The Bucket List
   - License to Wed*
   - Little Fockers*
   - Madea's Witness Protection
   - Mixed Nuts*
   - Must Love Dogs*
   - Nacho Libre*
   - Pushing Tin*
   - Talladega Nights*
   Bonus Discs
   - Hollywoodland*
   - Ghosts of the Abyss

12 discs / 12 movies $10.00

* = New, factory sealed

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