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Image Restoration

Restore and Revive Your Priceless Heirlooms

A revival, of sorts ....

     Have you a precious image, a faded or discolored photo of a loved one who's crossed the veil?

      Perhaps a time-worn image from your childhood or a cherished, but tattered, photo of an ancestor?

      Could be you're thinking that these treasured keepsakes are beyond saving.

     Thing  is, you could be wrong ....

We Can Do Wonders!

      We can breathe life into those old and faded images - restore their long-lost vitality, bring them back to life again.

      Cracks, creases, blemishes, dust spots, scratches, faded color - all of it can be removed or corrected.

      And think of this - would you like to see that old black and white image transformed to clear, bright color?

      If so, you've come to the right place !

A Reunion, As It Were ....

      In this case, we were given two separate images - one of a mother and her four oldest daughters, all decked out in their Easter finery, and a second one of the father, with his youngest daughter and one of his grand-children.

      We isolated the daughter from that second image, re-touched the areas blocked by the child, flipped the image horizontally, and then placed the result into the first image, creating a priceless image of a mother and all five of her daughters.

A Day at the Beach ....

     Here we began with a color snap-shot of a mother and her youngest son, enjoying a summer afternoon at their favorite beach.

      The photo's colors have shifted with time, and the negative has been scratched and spotted through the years.

      We cleaned away the spots and scratches and corrected the color balance - and, with a bit of cropping, we can almost believe we were standing on that beach as the photo was taken.

A Simpler Time .....

       We were given a severely-damaged image of youngsters moving along a cafeteria serving line in a long-ago small-town school..

      This image is badly creased, torn and faded, and a bit or two are missing.

     After clearing the creases and folds, restoring the missing portions, and adding a touch of contrast, we arrived at a wonderful image from the days when life was so much simpler.

Bring Her Back to Life ....

     A school picture of a ravishing young freshman co-ed has been roughly handled over the years.

      We eliminated the spots and blemishes, restored the unseen left-strand of her necklace and produced an image as clear as the day it was taken.

      But we didn't stop there. We colorized the photo and in doing so, we gave a beautiful woman back her youthful beauty .

Let Us Do Our Magic!

       We never alter your originals. We begin with a high-resolution scan which produces a high-quality and easily repaired digital file.

      Upon completion of the work, we'll send a proof for your approval. Once you're satisfied, we'll make a high-quality print - in  your choice of size - and if you wish - we’ll create additional prints on premium media from Red River Papers.

      Restoration costs vary with the amount of work required and the cost of additional prints varies with size.