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Image Restoration

     Have you a precious image, a faded or discolored photo of a loved one? Perhaps an image from your childhood or a photo of an ancestor? Those images may seem beyond saving, but there may be hope. I just might be able to renew that time-worn image.

I do so by employing state-of-the art software and restoration techniques to bring your treasures back to life.


Give me the opportunity, and I’ll  repair your torn and cracked photos, brighten them up and restore their lost vitality. Plus, I can even colorize a black-and-white photo to create a true-to-life image of a loved one or friend. Things that were once thought to be lost may again be given new life.

        Here, we began with two images - one of a father and his youngest daughter and her nephew, and a second photo of the mother and the other four daughters. After restoring both images. we lifted the image of the youngest sister, flipped it and then inserted it into the second image, resulting in a cherished image of mother and all five of her daughters.

         We were presented with this color image, which was inadvertently exposed to stray light as it was removed from the camera for processing, creating a serious discoloration. After removal of spots, dust and scratches, we corrected the color balance and adjusted the discolored areas to created a fully restored image of a young boy at play on the beach.


       In this case, we were given a very old image of young students moving through the serving line at a school cafeteria. The image was faded and badly creased and some parts had been torn away. We removed dust, scratches, folds and creases and re-created the missing portions. Add some brightening and contrast adjustments and you have a wonderful keepsake of of the days when schools - and life - were much simpler.




      We never alter your originals. We begin with a high-resolution scan which produces a high-quality and easily repaired digital file. Upon completion of the work, we'll send a proof for your approval. Once you're satisfied, we'll make a high-quality print - original size - included in the initial price. We'll also provide you with a CD containing your restored image,  


        If you wish - we’ll create larger or smaller prints or several in different sizes, on premium media from Red River Papers. Restoration costs vary with the amount of work required and the cost of additional prints vary with size. If you wish, you may have the image scanned yourself, or if you'll ship us your original, we'll scan it for you.

        One caveat: Many problems can be corrected during photo restoration - clarity, contrast, color balance, fading, spots, blotches, tears and creases and the like. But there is only so much that can be done with SHARPNESS. Depending on the image, some improvements may be possible in soft focus or blur, but please be advised that in the area of sharpness, our options are limited.

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