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About us....

What's this all about ??

    To boil it all down to the basics, it's about a thing and a place. And, of course, you're a big part of it all. That's because you'll be the one to bring these two disparate items together. 

    Look at it this way. Somewhere in your life is a place, an empty spot, if you will. Perhaps it's on a wall somewhere within your home. Or your office. Or your school, It's there, somewhere, fully within your field of vision, there, just there, on the edge of your awareness. It's a small part of your consciousness that needs .... something, something special, just the right thing to be....complete. Look for it. You know it's there.

    Now, just where is this .... something, this creation that will so very adequately fill your empty spot, your need? Might be anywhere. You may well find it somewhere among the exotics, the unusual, .... the different. You may have to search for a while to find it. But .... 

    It could be closer than you think. This .... something special .... may well be found .... within the field of MY awareness. It might just be something that I've wrested from the depths of my own imagination, some small bit of my own vision. 

    It could be that something I've seen, something I've captured is JUST the thing to fill that void you're finding within your own existence., that empty place .... that spot on your wall, perhaps?

    And how do you begin? By taking a chance, that's how. Be brave. Explore. Experience. Look closely. Study. Consider. Weigh the possibilities. 

    And then decide. Once you've accomplished that important task, all you'll need to do is .... to reach out, to make a bit of my creativity your very own. So. Have a look at what's here. My price list offers many options as to size, paper and finish types and so on. Very soon, you'll find that your choices of media, sizes and so forth will have multiplied. Y'see, I'm just getting started ....

    So. Here you are, all ready to set off on a journey to the center of my mind. Have fun. Come back often. And please do take a moment to sign up for our newsletter so’s you’ll always be up to speed when we add new products and fresh images.

There's no better time than now to begin.


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