Count the Days

Themed Wall Calendars and Day Planners 

JaiGieEse PhotoArt's 2020 Day Planner / Wall Calendar Collection


        The companion day planner / wall calendar to our just-released photo book:
FORTRESS: A Photographic Odyssey.

FORTRESS Day Planner  
    $14.00.    Order Link

FORTRESS Wall Calendar
    $10.00.   Order Link


      An off-the-wall look at everyday things,
seen in adifferent sort-of way.

Abstractions Day Planner
    $14.00   Order Link

Abstractions Wall Calendar
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Civil War Artillery

      A look at the long arm - the artillery - light and heavy - used by the Union and Confederate armies during the American Civil War.

Civil War Artillery Day Planner
    $14.00    Order Link

Civil War Artillery Wall Calendar
    $10.00    Order Link

Great Smoky Mountains #2

      Explore the soaring reaches of the Great Smoky Mountains, where you'll find many scenes of stunning and breathtaking beauty.

Great Smoky Mountains Day Planner
    $14.00    Order Link

Great Smoky Mountains Wall Calendar
     $10.00.   Order Link