What's This All About, Anyway?

      What are we up to? Well, it's - but wait a bit. That picture to the left? That is Jon G. Stephenson, his own self - the proprietor of JaiGieEse PhotoArt.

      The image was captured at a Civil War re-enactment in southern Tennessee. The photographer used an antique glass-plate camera, together with the same chemicals and processes as were used by his 19th Century predecessors. In a way, I traveled back in time to the Civil War. 

      But, I digress. I was telling you something of our philosophy here at JaiGieEse PhotoArt. Let's get back to that, shall we?

      Well, it's like this. Look around your home, your office. What do you see? If you're not happy with that, perhaps you'd like to brighten up your surroundings. You could simply fill your walls with mass-produced artwork. But then, your walls would look like, well, they'd look like a lot of other walls.

      But perhaps you want to be a bit .... different - unique, as it were. You want to gaze upon things that'll inspire you or things that prompt pleasant memories. Thing is, you're not interested in being stuffed into a mass-produced box, along with thousands of other souls.

   Good for you. That's just exactly how we feel. You may find just what you seek right here. It could well be that what you need .... is What I See. If you take the time to look through our selection of imagery, you'll find yourself embarking on some amazing adventures.

      Take yourself on a lazy journey aboard a Caribbean cruise liner and discover the pleasures of a care-free world of color and enjoyment. Dig your bare feet into the warm sands of a beach on a tropical isle. Stroll down a street lined with festively-colored shops, each brimming with exotic goods. Relax under an umbrella fashioned from palm fronds near a sea-side cabaña. Stretch out on a chaise lounge alongside a top-deck ship's pool. Savor the moment as a sunset turns the sea to stunning, sparkling gold. Enjoy a lingering excursion on a slow boat down a tropical river, winding through a dense rain forest.

      Or perhaps a mountain sojourn is more to your liking. You're in luck! Explore the soaring reaches of the Great Smoky Mountains, where you'll find many scenes of stunning and breathtaking beauty. One will encounter majestic waterfalls, rustic pioneer cabins, sprawling and misty valleys, Civil War battlefields, rough-hewn mountain-side paths, incredible tunnels bored through solid rock, old nineteenth-century grist mills and remnants of once-upon-a-time farm lanes winding through sun-dappled forests.

      And, y'know, while you're in the Smokies, you'll discover that there's a great deal more to see in the area - in America's Deep South. Discover the laid-back world of Moonlight and Magnolias through images of rustic country homes, shaded pathways leading by mirror-smooth lakes, green and steaming swamps filled with towering cypress trees and a turtle or two, bright pink flamingos, a log cabin hunting camp, a small waterfall trickling from a rockfall in a bucolic formal garden and an even an icon from by-gone days.

     Could be that you're somewhat of a history buff. Imagine strolling the cool galleries and casemates of old brick-and-mortar fortresses. Run your hands across the menacing black iron of massive seacoast Columbiad cannons. Spend a quiet spring day exploring a Civil War battlefield, there to imagine the crash of musketry, the roar of artillery, and, just maybe, you'll hear the faint and mournful wails of the ghosts who still linger on those hallowed grounds. See what soldiers carried and how they lived in the field. See the very spots where history was made, and pay your respects at the quiet bivouacs where brave men lie in their eternal rest.

      Now, if you've an expressive quirk, you might enjoy the swirls of color, the myriad of patterns, the studies in texture, in light and in shadow to be found in our collection of abstracts. These things are all around you. Some you may well have seen yourself, but perhaps not quite in the same way.

      Here, in our shop, you'll discover something old, something new, and a good many things in between. You'll find all these here in our portfolio - and much, much more.

    Plus, we're in the habit of adding new images from time to time. And, many of our images are to be found in our wall calendars & day planners, our note cards and our growing selection of specialty books

      So. Here you are, all ready to set off on a journey to the center of my mind. Have fun. Come back often. And please do take a moment to sign up for our newsletter so’s you’ll always be up to speed when we add new products and fresh images.

      There's no better time than now to begin !!!