Beaches and Boats - Set 1

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      Travel throughout the Gulf of Mexico and you'll encounter beaches a-plenty and boats - lots of boats - sailboats, power boats, fishing trawlers, shrimp boats, and old, discarded boats. You'll be greeted by glorious sunsets, palm-thatched getaways and even a ghost of a by-gone day. 

     Each card set includes envelopes, and are packed in boxes of ten cards each. There are two sub-sets - landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) Specify which sub-set you desire.

      These are 5"x7" cards, horizontal or vertical format, with envelopes. They're all-occasion - blank inside. Printed inside messages adds $2.00 to order of ten. When you get to the shopping cart page, you'll see a note form. Enter your printed message there.

     Standard configuration is: set of five images, two each, ten cards total.