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      Custom Fine Art Print on Premium Media - This rough-hewn rail fence marks the line held by the 73rd Ohio Infantry in the waning stages of the Battle of 2nd Manassas - just after five p.m., August 30th, 1862. This fence marks the location of a similar fence that ran across Chinn Ridge, so called becuase it was a part of the Chinn Family farm.
      CSA infantry of General James Longstreet's command advanced steadily toward a Federal brigade in line of battle near the Chinn House. These were the 1,200 men of Colonel Nathaniel McLain's Ohio Brigade. Just as Colonel McLain noticed the Confederate advance, Union cannon positioned on the far side of the trees seen in the background, beyond the fence line, opened fire. This staggered the Confederates, but did not stop them.
      Seeing this, Col. McLain ordered ihis 73rd Ohio Regiment to deploy along this rail fence. There followed a vicious ten-minute fight, untill General Longstreet brought up more and more of his regiments. driving the Ohioans away.
      Just hours later, the Confederates encircled the Federal forces and drove them back across the Stone Bridge - which spanned a small creek known as Bull Run - the same path of retreat Union forces had taken a year earlier, after their lines collapsed during the Battle of First Manassas.


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